Follow Emily’s adventures in these delightful award-winning books. Each book features 40 of Pamela’s stunning watercolour illustrations, along with her delightful writing. They are hard-covered and hand-bound with dust jackets.

Emily’s Enchanted Guardians, the first book in a trilogy, won the Moonbeam Children’s Book 2007 Bronze Award for best illustrator.

Emily learns how fragile the environment is with the help of her faeries and elves.

‘Sauntering through the garden one day, Emily stops to peer deep inside a delicate sweet pea flower. Here she meets Charity… a faerie so small that Emily almost missed meeting her.’




Emily’s Perils and Poisons, second book the Emily trilogy and Gold Award winner for illustration from Moonbeam Book Awards, U.S.A.

Emily learns how some native plants hide poisons inside their pretty petals.

‘Emily thinks it is truly magical as Loriack, the Patroness of spinners, spins and weaves cobwebs, sunbeams and moonlight into cloth. On the darker side, there is malevolent Vilettie who lives in the weird world of poisonous mushrooms.’




Emily’s Spirits of the Snow, the final book in the Emily trilogy.

Emily magically visits the Tundra north of the tree line. Here she sees 2″ full grown trees, meets ice bears, Snodgrumple, Murk and Muck. She also has a small introduction into the Inuit Culture.

‘Deep within the forest Emily hears a gentle wind whispering through the tops of the trees. She looks up, way up and to her surprise sees Luna, a solitary winter spirit playing her lute.’




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