Emily’s Enchanted Guardians

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Emily learns how fragile the environment is with the help of her faeries and elves.

Bronze Award for illustration from Moonbeam Book Awards, U.S.A.

An excerpt.

Emily can hardly keep up with an irrepressible faerie named Joy, a faerie of perpetual  motion who will dance and skip wherever she goes.

   Joy thumbnail   Joy kicks berries high and low lands  where, she does not know,                                                    cheekily  merrily Joy skips by, or was that really a dragonfly?

Emily’s Perils and Poisons

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Emily learns how some native plants hide poisons inside their pretty petals.

Gold Award for illustration from Moonbeam Book Awards, U.S.A.

An excerpt.

A busy faerie wearing a frilly skirt almost bashes into Emily’s nose as she flits among the yellow flowers. Emily asks what are these flowers called? Dilly stops, tilts her head and looks quizzically at this nosy little girl who is interrupting her day.

                  Come Dance thumbnail



Yellow and bright is the Daffodowndilly this flower can never be                                                called silly. Eating the bulbs will give you chills and ills now ’tis                                                  time to dance with the daffodils.

Emily’s Spirits of the Snow’




the last book of Emily’ adventures she will magically visit the Tundra north of the tree line. Here she will see 2″ full grown trees, meet ice bears, Snodgrumple, Murk and Muck. She will also have a small introduction into the Inuit Culture.

luna_web        Emily hears the tree tops cracking and squeaking in the wind. She looks up and there to her surprise is a winter faerie it is Luna the musician of the forest.

These delightful award-winning books have 40 watercolour illustrations that follow Emily’s adventures. They are hard-covered and hand-bound with dust jackets.

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